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Do Regional Fashion Weeks Fragment the Industry?

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It’s a question that everyone in the industry has an opinion on. Does a second, third or in some cases even fourth fashion week in a country strengthen or divide the fashion industry? Some argue that by providing additional platforms for provincial, up-and-coming and graduate designers multiple fashion weeks cause sales to swell and media coverage to surge. Fashion shows bring creative communities together, and do great things for local businesses, non-profits and charities. One could even say that the existence of more than one fashion week democratizes the industry, providing designers, the media and buyers with a choice. But isn’t there something to be said for banding together and showing a unified front? Does it in fact add extra cost to media companies, forcing them to travel to not one but numerous locations, is it really good to be in competition with another city in your country?

Germany is currently asking itself these questions. Currently Germany has two major fashion destinations: Dusseldorf, where the business happens and Berlin, the creative capital, home to numerous innovative, cutting edge designers and Germany’s only fashion week (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin)… Until now. The 13th of August will see the launch of Fashion Week Munich taking place at BMW Welt in Munich as location partner.

We spoke to Hakan Günay, Managing Director of Stadtgespräch, the agency handling the press and organisation for the event, to find out his thoughts on this highly topical issue.

Hakan Günay

Does Germany need another fashion week?

This question has, in fact, been heatedly discussed in the German media recently. So much so that the website did a survey asking that very question, running it for several days. Of course we were very keen to know the results. A total of 1,800 users submitted their votes, 59% of those voted in favour of a second fashion week, having the opinion that it’ll strengthen Germany’s fashion industry as a whole. The survey result may not be a totally representative, nonetheless it was an encouraging and inspiring outcome.

But of course we had this question in the forefront of our minds and in the end decided to ask the people who really have the final say: the designers themselves. We approached several designers and asked them to critically answer the question: “What do you think of the idea of Fashion Week Munich?” Among them, of course, were also designers who work on an international level. We received very positive feedback, namely that Munich is a city of style, glamour and enormous purchasing power. And that Munich is different to Berlin.

When we evaluated the developments of Fashion Week Munich, the answer to the question of whether or not Germany needs another fashion week was a clear and simple “yes”. You could take this thought one step further and say that a second fashion week has long been overdue. We have attendance confirmations from international designers that came on board specifically because the fashion week is happening in Munich and because Berlin as a platform just doesn’t fit their specific label. These international designers are attracted to Munich, and would not have come otherwise. This is of course not just good news for Munich but also Germany as a whole. We’re attracting international designers, attracting more international attention and with that assisting our young and up-and-coming designers who’ll as a result be taken more seriously.

What are you trying to achieve with Fashion Week Munich?

First and foremost we’re approaching the event with a high level of professionalism. For this reason, we’re working exclusively with experts who can bring their experiences with them. We have a range of specialists working on the event including onstage, backstage, make-up, hair, modeling agencies, general organization, VIP care, technical assistance, location and media sourcing.

We’d like to position Fashion Week Munich as a ‘must-see event’ in the international fashion calendar. Therefore we’re aiming to provide a healthy mix of internationally and nationally renowned designers as well as the very important third day which will have the intention of showcasing newcomers. Here, we’d like to create a platform to present up-and-coming designers to an international market.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of opening Munich up to a second German Fashion Week?

Personally, I really only see advantages. One should consider the potential: An additional 30 designers are given the opportunity to present their collections to a wider audience. Included in this are up-and-coming designers, models and hair and make-up artist. Fashion Week Munich will in fact create jobs and nurture careers.

What do you think designers will gain from presenting?

Designers will be given the best possible support we can provide, a great location at the BMW Welt, which is now the most visited attractions in Bavaria, a great team working with them and well-known partners and sponsors supporting them and Fashion Week Munich. We’re planning to provide the perfect framework to showcase the designers’ creations.

What defines the fashion industry in Munich?

Munich is one of the leading fashion cities in Germany. Furthermore it’s considered as a sought after fashion and retail location. Shopping streets such as “Maximilianstrasse”, “Theatinerstrasse” or “Briennerstrasse” with their exclusive labels and stores are internationally known. We have three renowned fashion schools in the city that have produced numerous talented designers as well as big media houses and publishers Munich is an incredibly important venue for the German fashion industry.

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